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Thought For The Week

TFTW Paris

Brands have traditionally marketed to people but it could be time to change that mindset.

Instead of marketing to people, might it be smarter to market for people?

To market for people, we must make our brands meaningful. Brands with a purpose always outsell brands with no purpose.

To market for people, we have to engage with authentic and relevant content so that the brand is meaningful to an individual.

Being topical and genuine is the final ingredient. It’s why I applaud the thousands of brands who put a French flag on their websites to show support for the victims of the Paris attacks.

It was a small gesture but one which was appreciated by a friend of mine who should have been in the Bataclan Theatre the night the terrorists struck. She skipped the event because she was exhausted after a busy work week. Unfortunately, some of her friends perished in the attack.

It’s easy to dismiss small gestures but tiny expressions of solidarity become powerful when they are heart-felt, honourable and sincere.

Thought For The Week

TFTW Cadbury

A big idea can sometimes have its genesis in an old idea, as Cadbury's discovered when seeking a campaign for Milk Tray chocolates.

Their iconic ads from the 60s had the nation on the edge of its seats and the search is now on to find a new Milk Tray Man.

Trailed across multi-media platforms, their search has grabbed the headlines and inspired thousands of wannabes to apply.

Sometimes it pays to look back instead of forward!

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Thought For The Week


What’s the most powerful word in marketing?

Free, of course, because it guarantees attention.

Used sparingly, it builds brands.  Used constantly, it wrecks brands.

I discovered only last week how potent a word it actually is when I offered readers of Thought For The Week, a free copy of my new book.

I was swamped with requests. Believe it or not, we’ve had to double the print run!

The book, Thought For The Day, is crammed with daily musings on marketing, business and life in general.

It’s not too late to get your free copy. Email me your address and I’ll pop a book in the post in time for Christmas.

Thought For The Week

TFTW Being Pleasant

The headline in the Guardian said it all…

Ryanair credits “being pleasant to customers” for profits rise.

Being pleasant costs nothing but it can multiply sales and accelerate profits.

I’m surprised Ryanair didn’t know that!

My long-awaited book, “Thought For The Day”, is now with the printers.

It’s crammed with reflections and insights about marketing, business and life in general.

If you would like a free copy, please email me your address and I’ll pop a book in the post in time for Christmas!