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TFTW Paris

Brands have traditionally marketed to people but it could be time to change that mindset.

Instead of marketing to people, might it be smarter to market for people?

To market for people, we must make our brands meaningful. Brands with a purpose always outsell brands with no purpose.

To market for people, we have to engage with authentic and relevant content so that the brand is meaningful to an individual.

Being topical and genuine is the final ingredient. It’s why I applaud the thousands of brands who put a French flag on their websites to show support for the victims of the Paris attacks.

It was a small gesture but one which was appreciated by a friend of mine who should have been in the Bataclan Theatre the night the terrorists struck. She skipped the event because she was exhausted after a busy work week. Unfortunately, some of her friends perished in the attack.

It’s easy to dismiss small gestures but tiny expressions of solidarity become powerful when they are heart-felt, honourable and sincere.

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