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TFTW Coconut

I was almost brain damaged yesterday when a coconut fell from a tree and missed me by inches.

There are a lot of coconut palms on the island where I have a beach house in Florida and it’s not unusual for the ground around the trees to be festooned with big yellow or green pods as no one seems to pick them up.

I was certainly not letting this killer pod escape so I took it home to have a closer look at what was inside the shiny outer skin.

First I got the biggest kitchen knife I could find and after an hour’s sawing and chopping got through to the nut inside.

From the swishing sound, I could hear it was full of liquid so I reached for a wine corkscrew and eventually the milk started to flow. It barely covered the bottom of a glass but it tasted fresh and exotic.

I then cracked open the nut with a hammer and, with a serrated knife, prized chunks of white coconut from the shell. It was absolutely delicious!

All in all, it took me an hour-and-a-half to reach the white flesh.

With a sharp machete, I could have done it in seconds.

The moral of the story – you need the right tools to do a good job and together with the right people you can achieve anything!