Thought For The Week

On the front page of last Thursday’s Daily Mail was a terrible photo of Twiggy atop of a headline that screamed – Can that be Twiggy, face of L’Oreal?

Sprawled across two inside pages was another unflattering photo accompanying a venomous story by someone called Sebastian Shakespeare attacking the L’Oreal ambassador and face of Marks & Spencer for shopping in her local M&S store in what he implied were pyjama bottoms.

The tawdry piece said more about the newspaper and the bile of Mr Shakespeare than Twiggy, M&S or L’Oreal.

I’m sure, the cheap-shot coverage will do nothing to damage the brands or detract from Twiggy’s position as a role model for the over 65s.

Might it even be further proof for the claim – there is no such thing as bad publicity?

I am reminded of a quote by a rather more famous member of the Shakespeare clan that Sebastian – there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so!

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