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Looks matter and we should never forget that great design wins business while poor design costs business.

Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder and it’s the same with design.

Like Marmite, one concept will be loved by certain people while others will find it unpalatable.

It’s much better to choose a design that a group likes rather than relying on the choice of one or two people.

We have just redesigned our credentials presentation and we conducted A|B testing throughout the process, involving our entire team in every aspect from choosing typefaces to colour schemes.

Consider following our lead next time you are designing a website, logo or product packaging.

A|B testing guarantees buy-in and it could prove to be as important as your choice of designer.

Email me if you would like a copy of the credentials document as approved by our people.

Thought For The Week


To convert new customers to your brand, you need to offer the holy trinity of marketing – an obvious benefit, a dramatic point of difference and a reason to trust.

While prospects may see what’s in it for them and accept that your product could be significantly better than their chosen brand, most will not switch unless you give them a reason to believe that you will deliver on your brand promise.

Simply put, a brand will fail – if it fails to inspire trust!

Here are the four most effective strategies to imbue belief in your brand:

  • Customer testimonials can have a dramatic impact but only if it is obvious the endorser is a real person.
  • Awards– prizes mean pounds so focus on winning meaningful industry awards.
  • Barstool Logic– something Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had in spades. She built trust in her financial logic by repeating: “When it comes to money, we women are well-used to taking charge of the household budget.”
  • A Guarantee is the most powerful strategy of all but, the more conditions you attach to your guarantee, the less powerful it becomes.

At Beattie Communications and Only Marketing we offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee and over the years it has helped us win millions of pounds of new business.

What more can your brand do to stimulate trust?

Read our Elementary Guide to Messaging at Only Marketing’s Learning Academy.

Thought For The Week


Newsjacking is an important weapon for PR agencies.

It’s all about injecting fresh angles into breaking news stories in order to secure media coverage for clients.

Our PR people at Beattie Communications do it to great effect every day in life.

Newsjacking, however, need not be confined to words. It works with pictures and videos as well…especially when they go viral.

I don’t know who created it, but the apple watch is an outstanding example of photo newsjacking in action.  Trading on the launch of Apple’s smartwatch, the picture has gone global.

Newsjacking in words, pictures or videos captures the moment and can ensure a brand is relevant 24/7!

Thought For The Week


Customers are creatures of habit. They will continue buying ordinary products or services until confronted with an extraordinary alternative.

But even when stopped in their tracks, they will refuse to change brands unless you can provide satisfactory answers to the three most important questions a customer can ask:

1. What’s in it for me?

2. What makes you different or better?

3. Why should I trust you?


For customers to change the buying habits of a lifetime, they need three irresistible responses:

1. An obvious benefit – a tangible advantage that answers the “me” question

2. A dramatic point of difference – in marketing speak, a unique selling proposition

3. A reason to believe – credibility that you will deliver on your promise

In other words, they need the holy trinity of marketing, the divine triumvirate!