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Thought For The Week


Increasing market share or increasing market size – what’s right for your brand?

As category leader, both work for you.

As a challenger brand, growing the market simply gives the No1 brand proportionally more customers than you gain.

You may end up with more customers but your position in the market will be unchanged.

As a challenger, increasing your share of the market is what it’s all about. If your share grows, rivals’ shares decrease.

To claim the crown, you’ve got to take sales from the reigning monarch!

Thought For The Week


As marketing people it’s so important we feed our minds.

If nothing goes in, nothing will come out.

Stimulation is what it’s all about.

Inspiring thoughts can come from everywhere – even death row.

The final words of convicted killer Gary Mark Gilmore to a firing squad in Utah were “Let’s do it!”

The phrase motivated the legendary Dan Wieden to create one of the most powerful advertising campaigns of all time – Nike’s "Just Do It."

Thought For The Week

Ae Village

We live in a lightning-fast world where we have less and less time and more and more to do.

It explains why I am an ardent fan of the quickie.

I am not referring to sex. I am, of course, talking about the daily tasks at home and at work.

I prefer quick plane rides to transatlantic journeys.  I like short reports that are quick to consume and I like recipes which are quick, easy and tasty.

When it comes to the written word, I devour snack-sized blogs.

It’s why I’ve an affinity with tabloid journalists. They can tell complicated stories in one paragraph.

The most succinct piece I ever read was about the establishment of a new village in Scotland. With the shortest place name in Britain, Ae was set up by the Forestry Commission in 1947.

The story about the birth of the village simply read “Ae today began to be.”

These five words made me a fan of the quickie!

Thought For The Week

Organic Farmers Market

As a fanatical foodie, I relish the opportunity of visiting farmers' markets.

On Saturday, I toured a small market where customers were light on the ground but the organic produce stall was under siege from hungry shoppers desperate to get their hands on everything from peaches to potatoes.

The produce did not look any different from what others were selling but the word ORGANIC had obviously inflamed the imagination of the masses.

It’s long been known that the organic tag can drive sales and boost margin in the food sector but what single words motivate sales in other industries?

We all know that words like FREE, CHEAP and SALE shift product but what single word could make your brand more commercially successful?

Thought For The Week


The best marketing idea in the world can produce a zero return if it’s not properly implemented.

A poor marketing idea, on the other hand, can generate an amazing payback if it is meticulously followed-through.

The secret of marketing success does not lie in the eureka idea but in its inspired implementation.

The wise marketer watches and learns from the mistakes and successes of others, putting a new spin on old concepts. Invention is not necessarily what it’s all about. Reinvention can often give you a greater payback.

Making it bigger, making it better, being more customer-focused, creating a niche or developing a USP – these are all valid routes to take.

Meticulous planning should be at the heart of everything – marketing, communications and customer care.

Execution, not the idea itself, is the key to marketing success and brands that fail to measure up invariably execute themselves – ouch!