Thought For The Week


The best marketing idea in the world can produce a zero return if it’s not properly implemented.

A poor marketing idea, on the other hand, can generate an amazing payback if it is meticulously followed-through.

The secret of marketing success does not lie in the eureka idea but in its inspired implementation.

The wise marketer watches and learns from the mistakes and successes of others, putting a new spin on old concepts. Invention is not necessarily what it’s all about. Reinvention can often give you a greater payback.

Making it bigger, making it better, being more customer-focused, creating a niche or developing a USP – these are all valid routes to take.

Meticulous planning should be at the heart of everything – marketing, communications and customer care.

Execution, not the idea itself, is the key to marketing success and brands that fail to measure up invariably execute themselves – ouch!

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