Thought For The Week

Ae Village

We live in a lightning-fast world where we have less and less time and more and more to do.

It explains why I am an ardent fan of the quickie.

I am not referring to sex. I am, of course, talking about the daily tasks at home and at work.

I prefer quick plane rides to transatlantic journeys.  I like short reports that are quick to consume and I like recipes which are quick, easy and tasty.

When it comes to the written word, I devour snack-sized blogs.

It’s why I’ve an affinity with tabloid journalists. They can tell complicated stories in one paragraph.

The most succinct piece I ever read was about the establishment of a new village in Scotland. With the shortest place name in Britain, Ae was set up by the Forestry Commission in 1947.

The story about the birth of the village simply read “Ae today began to be.”

These five words made me a fan of the quickie!

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