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Thought For The Week

TFTW Willovertry

Try is a three letter word which I hate.

We slip it into conversations when we feel deep down that we won’t make good on our promises.

“I’ll try to be there.” “I’ll try to get it to you.” “I’ll try to do that.”

My heart sinks when I hear the word because the person will almost certainly not be there or deliver on their pledges.

Try is an apologetic word used by unconfident people or those who have no intention of producing the goods.

It’s a word I would ban from the workplace and insist it is replaced by will.

Will is a positive word which imbues a determination to succeed into our subconscious.

The odds are that people who use it, will be there, will get it to you and will deliver on their promises!

Thought For The Week



There is no illusion greater than fear.

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the boss, fear of living, fear of death.

To achieve our true potential, we need to be liberated from fear.

As leaders we need to unshackle our people and give them permission to fail.

As individuals we need to give ourselves the same dispensation.

To catch our dreams, we need to drop our fears!

Thought For The Week


Big ideas flow like lava from a volcano when you inject an element of competition into the thinking process.

Here’s the procedure to follow:

  1. Abandon group brainstorming sessions – they don’t work.
  2. Split your people into teams of two and tell them you want one big idea from each pair. It’s quality, not quantity that counts.
  3. Send them away for a coffee, a walk in the street, a ride on the bus or a drink in the pub. With no hiding place for anyone, everyone will aspire towards genius.
  4. Bring your people together the next day and invite each team to present their single idea. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with.

Electric ideas are always generated when two people spark off each other in a highly charged atmosphere!

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Thought For The Week


Big marketing ideas build brands and bring business.

Big ideas are startling. They make customers sit up and take notice.

Big ideas are simple and doable.

Big ideas win business, not just awards.

Big ideas work cross-channel.

The success of big ideas lies in the execution – not the idea itself!

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