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Thought For The Week

TFTW Lightbulb

Success and failure go hand in hand.

You can’t have success without failure.

Edison failed 10,000 times before he succeeded in inventing the light bulb.

The moral of the story – winners sometimes fail but they never quit!

Thought For The Week

TFTW Pizza

If confession is good for the soul, it can certainly be good for the brand.

When brands are faced with issues, we are faced with a dilemma – to tell or not to tell.

My advice – confess to your customers when you’ve got a problem.

That’s exactly what Domino’s did and it had a huge impact on sales.

The brand had been built around the concept of speedy delivery but the harsh truth was that customers felt their pizzas were not that good.

First they changed the recipe and ingredients. Then they confessed their shortcomings.

Pizza Turnaround is the story of how they re-invented the brand.

Thought For The Week

TFTW Vineyard

The Spanish make some of the best sweet wine in the world.

It’s fascinating to watch the care and attention they lavish on their vines.

The top vineyards are like the best gardens – they are weed-free.

It’s a back-breaking process but it ensures the nutrients in the soil go into the vines not the weeds.

A vineyard choked with weeds will not produce great wine.

I sometimes think our minds are like a vineyard.  They can get overrun with volumes of data and overwhelmed with libraries of information.

Do I need to know that? – is the question to ask.

If you don’t – weed it out!

Thought For The Week

TFTW Love Hate

We live in a world where the words love and hate can happily co-exist in the same paragraph.

I am writing this, having woken up on yet another transatlantic flight thanks to the seat-belt sign ringing in my ears.  So what do I love and hate about British Airways:

  • I hate the way their pilots ding the seatbelt sign at the slightest tremor of turbulence.
  • I love the British stiff-lip attitude of their under-valued cabin crew.
  • I hate how BA constantly tinkers with their rewards system to give frequent flyers a worse deal.
  • I love the value for money prices you can get in Business Class – if you book far enough in advance.
  • I hate the way their entertainment system breaks down on every flight.
  • I love how you can change the meaning of their slogan To Fly To Serve by adding the innocent letter O to the first word.

Now, try the same exercise with your own brand.

Better still, ask 10 regular customers to undertake the love/hate test and learn some amazing truths!

Thought For The Week




If kryptonite could kill superman, logic can assassinate creativity.

Logic has its place in the thinking process but it is often applied too early.

It’s illogical to be logical at the start of a creative exercise.

Let ideas take shape before applying the test of logic!