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TFTW Love Hate

We live in a world where the words love and hate can happily co-exist in the same paragraph.

I am writing this, having woken up on yet another transatlantic flight thanks to the seat-belt sign ringing in my ears.  So what do I love and hate about British Airways:

  • I hate the way their pilots ding the seatbelt sign at the slightest tremor of turbulence.
  • I love the British stiff-lip attitude of their under-valued cabin crew.
  • I hate how BA constantly tinkers with their rewards system to give frequent flyers a worse deal.
  • I love the value for money prices you can get in Business Class – if you book far enough in advance.
  • I hate the way their entertainment system breaks down on every flight.
  • I love how you can change the meaning of their slogan To Fly To Serve by adding the innocent letter O to the first word.

Now, try the same exercise with your own brand.

Better still, ask 10 regular customers to undertake the love/hate test and learn some amazing truths!

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