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TFTW Every Company has a story

Every company has a story. It’s what makes every brand unique.

The history of Beattie, for instance, is different from every other communications consultancy in the same way as the story behind your brand differentiates you from your competitors.

The question is – are you exploiting your story to make your brand stand out in the marketplace?

We all know the inspiring stories of Apple’s Steve Jobs, McDonald’s Ray Kroc and Stagecoach’s Brian Souter.

But do employees and customers know the story behind your brand…where the original idea came from and how your founders overcame the odds to build a successful company?

Your story is part of your culture and personality. It brings your brand to life. It builds trust and you’ll be surprised at the impact it will have on sales.

If you haven’t told your story, it’s time that you did!

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Beattie, the creative communications group. To celebrate, we are giving away copies of my book Thought For The Day. Please email me if you would like a free copy and I’ll pop a book in the post.