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Thought For The Week

TFTW 300316

Making a will is a task lots of us put off.

We prefer not to think about it because it brings us face-to-face with our own mortality.

We can have a similar attitude to crisis management.

Instead of reviewing our crisis plan annually, we leave it to gather dust.

Instead of organising yearly simulations, we concentrate on matters which are more urgent.

The crisis, after all, may never happen, so we deal with what’s immediate.

The trouble with crisis situations is that they hit you when you don’t expect them!

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Thought For The Week

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Whether you like it or not, business is gladiatorial.

It may not be kill or be killed but your brand has got to be seen as better than the competition.

To be regarded as better than your rivals, you’ve got to be ten times as good.

It’s not enough to be a little better. To tower over them from a customer’s perspective, you’ve got to be a lot better.

That means reviewing every area of your business.

If your people are not as good as your rival’s, you’re going to lose out.

If your products are inferior, you need to improve them.

If your website is less impressive, make it more impressive.

Only by improving every aspect of your brand can you dominate your sector.

Speaking of websites, I invite you to take a peek at the new Beattie website.

Thought For The Week


Some leaders surround themselves with Yes Men – people who always agree with the boss.

The problem with Yes Men is that they can’t think for themselves.

That’s why every team needs a No Man or No Woman.

He or she is someone who thinks for themselves and cares enough to voice their concerns.

They are often seen as negative thinkers because they see problems that others can’t.

Nurture these people because they can save you from making big mistakes.

If you don’t have a No Man or No Woman, allot the role to someone.

Tell them it’s their job to find fault in your plans, even if they don’t believe it deep down.

When everything in your head is sunny, it’s their job to rain on your parade.

Thought For The Week

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The first objective of advertising is to get noticed.

The second is to be remembered and there are 1001 ways to boost brand recall.

Rhyme is one which is currently out of favour despite the fact we can all recall ads where the words rhymed such as Beanz Meanz Heinz.

I’m a fan of rhyme and so is American football player OJ Simpson who’s been in the news this week.

He loves rhyme and no wonder – it helped acquit him of a double murder.

During his trial, OJ was asked to try on a glove which was found at the crime scene. It didn’t fit.

In his closing address, defence attorney Johnnie Cochran told the jury “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit.”

The rhyme of his words reinforced the crux of the trial and OJ walked.

Remember – it’s not a crime to make it rhyme!

Thought For The Week


Before entering a new market, it’s essential to know how much it’s going to cost to establish a position and defend it.

Take Netflix, for instance, it has a firmly established position in home entertainment but will it prevail in the face of serious competition from the likes of Google, BT and Amazon?

Deep pockets make giants like Google and Amazon formidable opponents.

Your sector is no different.

To achieve market leadership, you need to match the financial firepower of your biggest rivals!