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Thought For The Week

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How do you tell a good marketing idea from a great one?

Test them both, measure the impact and scale the winner.

Thanks to social media it’s so easy and so quick to do A|B testing.

Never again should you waste a penny funding a questionable campaign.

Never again do you need to spend a fortune on sophisticated market research.

Test > Measure > Scale = Success!

Thought For The Week

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Google’s success has been built on the cornerstones of hiring big thinkers and setting impossible goals.

As Larry Page and Sergey Brin have proved, with the right people and big dreams, you can achieve almost anything.

They call it moonshot thinking.

For it to work you’ve got to be bold, brave and resolute and turn a deaf ear to those who say it can’t be done.

To make the impossible possible, doubt must be launched into outer space.

Thought For The Week


Once-upon-a-time it was trial by media. Now it’s also trial by social media.

Never before have brands had to contend with so much public criticism and pressure group censorship.

Everywhere you turn you’ll find vociferous campaigners who know how to use the media for their own ends.

A throw-away remark can bring down headlines of hate and the wrath of thousands. The din of criticism can be deafening.

It’s why brands need to think carefully before putting themselves in the public spotlight.

A word of advice – if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

Thought For The Week

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Lists are important because they remind us of things we have to do.

Many people have a to-do list for work and play.

Lots of us have a bucket list of things we would love to do.

Some of us are given a honey-do list by our partners.

But few of us have a stop-do list.

A stop-do list contains the things you do regularly which don’t enhance your life.

To identify them simply imagine you only have a year to live.

That makes it easy to spot the clutter to dispense with, so you have time to do what matters and what you enjoy.