Year One

18.9.11 The First Birthday Of Only

Today is the first birthday of Only and we are celebrating the fact that we now have 14 Only websites up and running!

What's exciting is that some of the sites are already pulling in new business leads…something we did not anticipate so early in the game.

Finance director Linda Mitchell reckons the Only brand already accounts for £500,000 in additional fees to Beattie Communications Group.

It's a fair start and it augurs well for the future!!


15.9.11 Launching Only Ireland

Today we launch in Ireland.

With Dublin being only a hop, step and a jump from London or Scotland, we intend servicing Irish clients from the UK.


25.8.11 Launching Only Crisis

When it comes to crisis management, we are probably the most active PR agency in the world.

Never a day passes without us having to manage one crisis or another.

The incidents we handle can include product recalls, fatal accidents at work, cases of sexual harassment and, of course, media investigations of all types.

We are seriously good at managing crisis situations, so it was an easy decision to launch a specialist website with the imaginative name

We believe it's the most powerful crisis website on the internet and we fully expect it to bring in crisis management business from around the world.

One of the features of Only Crisis is the 0800 612 9890 emergency hotline number which is operational 24/7.


17.8.11 Launching Only Property

Beattie Communications has a vibrant property division that helps clients promote developments of all types including retail, housing and mixed use.

We are also the most experienced team in the UK when it comes to undertaking community consultations to support planning applications. We are proud of our track record of securing planning approval for "difficult" sites.

It was logical, therefore, to launch the Only Property website to emphasise our expertise and leadership in the sector.

The new website boasts outstanding graphics and a handful of interesting case studies.


30.6.11 Launching Only Events - Our 10th Only Website

This is a red letter day for Beattie Communications because it marks the launch of our 10th Only website - Only Events.

My thanks go to Michelle Brown and Hazel Mackie for writing the text and to Jon Swain for designing yet another pleasing website.


26.6.11 Branding Only

Packaging is everything. A beautifully presented product will usually cost more than a product that looks dull and mundane. An attractive product will fly off the shelves quicker than something in a boring box.

We want Only to have sex appeal. That's why we are investing so much time and effort creating a contemporary-looking brand.

As a result, it seems natural for us to launch our latest specialism Only Branding.


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Beattie Communications Targets Australia

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