Going National

Soon we were enjoying our fastest-ever growth period and we quickly opened offices in Dundee, Aberdeen, Falkirk, Leeds and London.

Shortly after opening in London in 1999, we decided to launch an ill-advised public affairs division which became embroiled in a storm when The Observer set up a sting which created media headlines for weeks on end.

I was portrayed in some of the coverage as some kind of political godfather with influential tentacles reaching deep into Tony Blair's cabinet and the Scottish Government. It was utter nonsense, of course, and it came as no surprise when Holyrood's Standards Committee accepted we had had no influence on the Scottish Parliament, Scottish ministers or government decisions.

Meanwhile, we were becoming a major force in London, picking up a string of prestige clients including Hewlett-Packard, the biggest PR account in the UK at that time.

We also won Marks & Spencer, Rolls-Royce and Specsavers Opticians. Specsavers started as a small account in Scotland but under Laurna Woods - and with the help of her inspired idea for Specsavers to sponsor the country's referees - it has grown to become our biggest account in the UK.

We were also charging ahead in Leeds and Manchester as well as Birmingham. We are now among the north's biggest and most successful creative agencies and in 2016 were declared Large PR Agency Of The Year by Prolific North.

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Beattie Communications Targets Australia

Beattie Communications has launched its Only Public Relations brand in Australia.


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