Today, London is our global HQ. We have eight offices in the UK as well as a partner network spanning 40 countries.

We have specialist PR teams covering sectors including education, energy, health, property, retail and transport. To find out more, visit Beattie, the creative communications group site.

We also have one of the world's most dynamic marketing brands - Only. Only Marketing is our headline brand. It is a one-stop-marketing-shop offering everything from advertising to media buying and branding to web marketing.

In addition to Only Marketing, we have specialist marketing boutiques including Only Communications, our brand which serves the USA and Canada -

In addition to Only, we have an education and student recruitment business which operates around the globe for many of the world's leading universities. It's called 11ten.

We also have a call centre that provides careers counselling and customer care services. 11tenDirect.

We have enjoyed many successes over the years, thanks to a lesson I learned early on - always recruit people who are better than you. I would, therefore, like to pay tribute to Laurna Woods, Victoria Walker, Linda Mitchell, David Reid, Peter Cunningham, Jacquie Boyd-Coleman, Amanda Fry, Amy Garbutt, Claire Briscoe, Irene Stephen, Ernie Chambers, Niall Scott, Douglas Mackay, Jon Swain, Chris Gilmour and Elspeth Brown.

Let me say it again: I reckon I'm the luckiest man in the world. People ask me if I will ever retire. Never is my retort…what would I do?

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Beattie Communications Targets Australia

Beattie Communications has launched its Only Public Relations brand in Australia.


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