Too many companies throw the baby out with the bathwater when they reinvent their brand.

A logo which everyone knows can suddenly become a label no one recognises.

The value that was invested in a brand over decades can evaporate overnight.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Modernisation of a brand shouldn’t be that radical.  

When it comes to rebranding an established brand, evolution is better than revolution.

The banking group Santander got it right.

You’ve got to give the two logos a second glance to see the difference. 

The new logo on the right has a simpler flame and a cleaner and much more modern typeface.

The bank says the logo evokes the discovery of fire as a symbol of progress – whatever that means.

I hate gobbledegook but I do like what they’ve done with their logo that hasn’t changed since 2004.

As they point out, Facebook back then was an experimental project in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm-room, the iPhone hadn’t been invented and banking was predominantly carried out in-branch or by telephone.

Santander made the change because they wanted to be seen to be responding to the rapidly changing world of internet banking.

They said: “As we accelerate our digital transformation, we felt the time was right to look at our brand and ask ourselves – how can we renew it for the next chapter in Santander’s story?”

Rebranding tips

They apparently spoke to thousands of employees and customers around the world before finally deciding to make the change. It was a wise move because corporate identities should not be changed on the whim of a CEO.

If you’re thinking of changing your logo, follow their lead and consult your people and your customers.

Make sure you retain your brand’s heritage while giving your logo a more contemporary feel.

It’s essential to ensure it looks good on mobile devices.  

What looks good on a graphic designer’s presentation board needs to translate seamlessly onto the small screen.

What about colours?

My advice – don’t change them unless they are absolutely hideous.

When it comes to logo redesigns – subtle and refined beats blatant and obvious every day of the week.

Here’s a great pic of three of my talented designers Sophie, Corinne and Anastasia.