I learned as a schoolboy to focus on my strengths not my weaknesses. I was not a great sportsman but I was fast on my feet. I could run like the wind and I could bag lots of goals on the football field by outsprinting the defence.

I didn’t worry about other players having more skill, ability or tactical sense. I knew that if I got the ball at my feet, I could outrun and outplay defenders who were much better than me.

At our weekly training sessions, I didn’t work on ball control or try to improve my ability to deliver inch-perfect passes. All my attention went into running faster. I knew the quicker I could move, the more goals I would score.

It was a simple lesson I carried into my working life. While others focused on rectifying their weaknesses, I concentrated on improving my strengths.

Life is too short to worry about what you’re not good at. Concentrate instead on what you’re great at.

My greatest strength is delegation. I could win prizes for my ability to delegate what I’m not great at so that I can focus on what I’m best at.

Take detail, for instance, I don’t do it.

You won’t find me burning the midnight oil reading a report that can be condensed into a few paragraphs.

My team, therefore, includes people who eat detail with their cornflakes. They come back to me with a simple one or two par summary of everything I need to know.

That, of course, implies that my people can separate the wheat from the chaff and they can, of course, do that.

And that brings me to another strength – choosing extraordinary people.

For recruitment I have only one rule – hire people who are better than me!

I, therefore, am surrounded by talented people.

We feel like a family but play like a team.

We have stars in every position and when someone leaves we always aim to recruit someone even better.

Continual improvement is what we aim for because we always want to be the best of the best!