Is your company up to speed for the arrival of 5G mobile phone technology which has the potential to revolutionise how you market your products and services?

If you’ve not wised up, it’s time you did because content marketing is about to become even more important for your brand. 

Right now lots of people with 4G on their phones don’t watch video because they are on restricted data packages.

They wait until they are in the office or at home to hook up to wi-fi to see the videos they missed.

5G will change all that.

As mobile internet speeds get faster, it will be much cheaper to move data around and everyone will start watching videos on the move.

Massive Sales Opportunity 

What a sales and marketing opportunity that will be for visionary brands. 

Brands that invest in video content ahead of the 5G switch-on will be best placed to make a killing when it goes live.

Improved technology will change how people use their mobile phones and, without doubt, they will consume a lot more videos on the go.

As you know, many people no longer read books, magazines or newspapers. They’d rather listen to a podcast or watch a video than read screeds of words on a page or on a screen.

So video and audio content will not just be king – they will be king, queen, jack and ace.

Of course, 5G won’t arrive tomorrow but six tech giants are bidding for a slice of the 5G spectrum.

EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone are already established players in the UK. Connexin is restricting its bid to Hull and Lincolnshire but US giant, Airspan Spectrum Holdings, is the new kid on the block and word on the street is that they are planning a big push across Europe, not just the UK and Ireland.

The arrival of Airspan will herald a new era of competition and that will drive down mobile phone charges making it ridiculously cheap for everyone to watch videos on their mobile phones.

Two Years To Go

5G is expected to go live in 2020, so that gives brands two years to gear up with better, not just more, video and audio content.

There will be a lot more content around so it will be the brands that produce the most inspiring video content that win the day.

It will, however, be the brands that personalise their content that will win biggest.

Brands will no longer create just one video, they will produce many different versions so that their videos are matched to what individual consumers would like to see.

Companies like Unilever are ahead of the game, producing hundreds of video variations for some of their ads.

Every brand will eventually follow suit, even if they just seed different versions of a video for different social media channels.

As Bob Dillan sang in 1964, the times they are a-changin’ and it’s the brands that change fastest that will steal a march on everyone else.