Data and technology are the hottest words in marketing right now.

To win big, you need big data.

To win super big, you need big data and access to mind-blowing technology.

That’s what so-called gurus tell us.

Truth is – we can all get access to data and everyone can tap into the latest technologies.

When it comes to tech, what’s new today is old tomorrow.

Data and tech are only half the equation when it comes to developing a killer marketing strategy.

Brilliant creativity and inspired implementation are the other half.

Data and tech are the cerebral side of marketing.

Brilliant creativity is the emotional side of marketing while inspired implementation requires you to use both the right and the left side of the brain.

Brand Marketing Strategy

So make up your mind to access your data, industry data and competitor data. Extract learnings from it and make these observations the foundations on which you build your marketing strategy.

It’s important to be ahead of the game so look at emerging technologies and decide what might give you the edge over your rivals.

Voice Marketing

Voice tech is where you should be looking right now and you should be working out how you can gun down your rivals in tomorrow’s world that won’t have keyboards.

It may sound far-fetched but it’s not and the voice marketing revolution is just around the corner. Click on the link for voice marketing insights.

To come up with brilliant creative ideas, look at the data, delve into the insights and build your creative strategy around the simple human truths that have been unearthed.

Do live A|B testing of the creative ideas and focus on the strongest.

Throw nothing away, however, as it’s easy and cheap to have multiple versions of the same video or advert. Personalisation will become an ever more powerful trend in tomorrow’s world and I’ll write about it soon.

Inspired Implementation

Now you have the data, tech and creative sorted out, you can turn your mind to effective implementation.

Creative ideas that sound great on paper often fail to make an impact because they weren’t properly implemented.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, is a saying that comes to mind.

We can get so carried away with the creative that we don’t spend enough time planning how we are going to roll it out.

So pull on the helmet of a five star general and map out precisely how you are going to grab customer attention and turn that attention into sales.

The more you think, the more inspired your implementation plan will become.

It’s the implementation part that let’s most campaigns down. Make sure you’re not executed because your execution failed to work!

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