Last week I emphasised that social media is where your customers are and that’s where your brand needs to be to win business.

We looked at all the major social media platforms and highlighted what payback you can expect from each of them.

To grab attention, you need to be producing great content – videos, pictures and blogs to name but three.

This week we’ll focus on turning attention into sales.

Drive Them To Your Website

It’s not enough to attract visitors to your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, you’ve got to drive people to your website.

It’s important to showcase your brand in all its glory and no social media page is going to be as effective as your website. It’s where you can rack up sales, capture contact details and build long-lasting relationships.

So use every trick in the book to get them to visit your website not once but regularly.

Grow Your Audience 

You also need to do everything in your power to attract more and more attention, followers and customers.

That means posting impactful content on your social sites every day. It also means reaching out to potential followers and prospective customers.

By advertising on Facebook and Instagram you can specify who sees your ads and the more you define your audience the greater the impact your ads will have.

You have a clear picture of who your customers are, so tailor your specifications to reach the right demographic.

Don't Ignore Your Followers 

Relationships build sales and you should do as much as you can to interact with your followers. If someone comments about one of your posts, reply to them.

Too many social media influencers freeze their followers out – don’t make the same mistake.

However, don’t put up with trolls and don’t waste time responding to them. Unsubscribing them is the easiest and most effective policy.

Create A VIP List

Create a VIP list of customers and prospects that you interact with on a regular basis. These are the people who are already clients as well as individuals you would love to have as customers.

Look out for their updates and like, share or comment on what they’re posting. It’s a great way to build relationships and win more business.

Mobilise Your People 

Make sure everyone on your team is playing their part by liking and sharing your posts. You want as much amplification as possible so encourage them to get involved.

To stand out on social media you have to be different. If you’re saying the same as everyone else, you won’t make an impact. So be bold, brave and unique.

To make maximum impact, ensure you integrate social media networking with your wider marketing initiatives. It will give you more bang for your buck.