How good are you at social media marketing?

If you’re not winning business from social media, it’s time that you did.

Every brand should be generating sales from social media irrespective of size, sector or geography.

My social media team generates millions in revenue each year for ourselves and our clients from social media, so here’s a few ideas to help you cash in.

Are You Living In The Dark Ages

If you’re spending your marketing budget on old media, you’re living in the dark ages.

Things like television, newspapers, magazines and billboards were the sales generators of yesteryear. They still work but not nearly as well as they did.

When was the last time you bought a newspaper or looked at a billboard or opened a piece of junk mail? If you’re not doing it, your customers are not doing it either.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

If your customers are not reading newspapers or watching TV ads, what are they doing?

They’re spending their time on social media of course…often two or three hours a day.  

If that’s where they’re hanging out, why are you not fishing in the social media pond?

The Truth About Each Platform

You’ll not win clients on every social media platform, of course, so it’s worth learning the facts.

All sites are not born equal and Twitter, for instance, is good for brand building but not for driving sales.

YouTube falls into the same category. It’s unbelievably cheap to advertise your brand on YouTube. Try promoting one of your videos on YouTube and you’ll get thousands of views by investing a couple of hundred pounds or dollars.

You will capture sales on Facebook and Instagram but only if you advertise. Right now it’s inexpensive to advertise on Facebook, so go for it even if you are a B2B brand.

Of course, nothing beats Linkedin if you’re B2B. People think of it as a recruitment site. It is but it’s also a powerful shop window for pro-active communications.

When making up your mind about the best platforms for you, the secret is to focus on the channels that work best for you.

New channels burst onto the scene every week. They are hyped to death and most die a death after a few months. So don’t get diverted. Stick with the ones where you’re getting a payback. 

Produce Great Content

If you want to drive sales on social media, you will need to grab attention. That means attracting an audience. It means reaching out to people you’d like to do business with as well as influencers in your industry sector.

No one’s going to follow you back unless you’re producing and seeding great content. That means creating a steady stream of inspirational blogs, videos, podcasts, photographs, illustrations, guides and infographics.   

The more quality content you produce, the more quality followers and customers you will attract.

Some people say you should not post fresh content every day. I disagree. Brands advertise every day and continually adding fresh content, keeps you front of mind with followers, customers and prospects.

If you post a blog, always include a photograph or video. Avoid using stock pics. I get ten times as many blog views when I upload a photograph of me than if I use a library shot.

You don’t have to be the best looking person in the world to post photographs of yourself. Look at me, I’m not exactly God’s gift.

You also don’t need professional shots. Photographs snapped on your mobile phone can work a treat.

I hope you’ve found this useful as I’m planning to upload more social media marketing tips next week.