If you’re into social media, the chances are that Twitter is one of the platforms you’re targeting.

I tweet every day, so do my people and so do my brands.

We don’t do it to win business, we do it to keep our personal brands as well as the Beattie and Only brands to the fore.

Be clear from the outset – if its sales you want, focus on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. You’ll get a much better commercial payback on these three sites than you ever will from Twitter.

While you won’t win business on Twitter, you can hugely increase the fame of your commercial and personal brands by working at it each and every day.

There’s no point in firing up the occasional post. To make an impact, you’ve got to post good material at least once a day.

Exploit breaking news if it fits with your business. Start conversations and contribute to what others are saying. If there’s a weekly live chat in your industry sector, think about getting involved.

Twitter showcases the most recent Tweets at the top of your feed, so feel free to post the same tweet at different times of the day.

Don’t forget to include relevant hashtags. They group conversations together so will help increase your reach, engagement and help you secure more followers.

When it comes to Twitter, or any social platform for that matter, the secret is to post updates that will appeal to the people you want as followers. No one’s going to follow you if your content is irrelevant to them.

Unless you’re a famous celebrity, it takes blood, sweat and tears to build a sizable audience on Twitter but, of course, the more engagement you get – likes, comments and retweets – the further your tweets will spread, the more impact you’ll make and and the more followers will flock to your page.

There is, alas, no magic formula for going nuclear on Twitter but here are some more tips that will help you on your way.

Post Great Visual Content

Despite Twitter doubling the number of text characters from 140 to 280, it’s not a lot of words so it’s essential to post great visuals, photographs, GIFs or short videos.  

People scroll down their home page at the speed of light, so you only have a split second to grab their attention.  Great visual content will stop them in their tracks.

I personally don’t like GIFs but they’re great for grabbing people’s attention. The flicker of movement catches eye and stops people in their tracks.

I love video and film content will become more and more prevalent when 5G internet arrives, so get ahead of the curve and start uploading great vids now.

Make Them Laugh, Cry Or Think

People always need cheering up, so there’s a huge audience out there looking for something funny.

If you can make people laugh, they’ll keep coming back.

If you can inspire them, they’ll keep coming back.

If you can inject emotion into your posts, they’ll keep coming back.

What’s more, they’ll share your tweets with their followers and, when that happens, you’ll start to grow your following.  

Run A Poll Or Survey

Running a poll or a quick survey is an excellent way to grab attention and conduct real-time customer research. Trying out a new logo? Ask your followers to vote for their favourite.

Walkers drove lots of engagement with their #chooseorlose campaign that pitted family favourites against new potato crisp flavours. Thousands and thousands voted to save their favourite snacks.

Ignore The Trolls

Don’t get worked up about negative comments. The best policy is to ignore them and don’t get into a battle of words. Unfollow trolls – they turn life sour for everyone.

When it comes to social media marketing, there are a few faux pas you can make. You’ll find six to avoid here.

Need Help?

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