At Beattie Communications and Only Retail we get the opportunity to promote some of the world’s best loved products.

But how do you take an unknown product and turn it into a consumer superstar?

That’s exactly what we did with a simple rug that went on to win a coveted Product of the Year Award.

It’s unlikely that you’re a carpet retailer but the strategy we instigated for La Redoute’s Afaw Shaggy Rug is one that can be cut and pasted for countless consumer products.

The Afaw Shaggy was not any old rug, of course. It was stylish with neutral tones and was a true value for money. Beautiful, tactile and affordable, it looked like a rug that would cost thousands not £99.

That’s lesson No1 – to go nuclear consumer products need to look good and represent great value for money.

Working closely with the client, we pinpointed the best social media platforms to maximise the rug’s star qualities.

Low and behold Erica Davies, an influential blogger and former fashion editor, featured the rug as the background for her outfit photos on Instagram. Erica is not just any old blogger, of course, she has 84,000 followers including a host of fellow influencers.

Our consumer marketing campaign gathered speed as influencers such as Alison Perry, Hannah Gale, EJ Style and Fritha Quinn began lauding and applauding the rug as a hero covering for any floor.

That’s lesson No2 – get social media influencers blogging about your product.

As Afaw Shaggy’s popularity grew, the La Redoute team decided to create an Instagram channel for the rug so its biggest fans could share their beautifully styled photographs of the rug in their own homes.

That’s lesson No3 – get consumers gushing about your product as soon as possible.

Soon fashion and home style journalists pricked up their ears because of the social media buzz and lifestyle features started appearing in the traditional press and media.

The rug was soon splashed across the pages of Sunday Times Style, Good Housekeeping, Grazia and Red while The Sun newspaper bellowed – “this rug will change your life”.

The rug was now so famous among journalists, they were calling it the “It Rug” and House Beautiful voted it one of their products of the year for 2017.

That’s lesson No4 – get the mainstream media involved. Lots of people still read newspapers and devour their online editions.

As you would expect, sales of the rug went through the roof and it had a big commercial impact on other La Redoute products.

Unsurprisingly, the rug still flies off the online shelf and it’s available on the La Redoute website.

That’s lesson No5 when “it’s done, it’s done” is not always a smart strategy.

Lesson No6 is supremely simple – with a great product and an inspirational social and traditional media campaign, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on advertising.

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