There’s no point in making a corporate video to grab attention on social media.

No one will see it…unless you put some promotional money behind it.

Producing content is only half the story.

Amplifying your content is the other half.

Take the Beattie Communications 2018 showreel, for instance.

It’s glitzy, glamorous and littered with famous celebs like Kylie Minogue.

If we had simply posted it on YouTube, a couple of hundred people would have viewed it.

Content Marketing

But by marketing the film, it’s had more than 28,000 views.

And by marketing it carefully, the majority of the views have been marketing types…people who are prospective customers of our agency.

To hit a winner, you need a great video and great marketing.

You need a film that will make viewers laugh, cry or think.

If you want to provoke an emotional reaction, my advice is to keep your video short.

If you want to make your audience think, opt for long or short. They both work, provided the content is up to scratch.

Content Creation

That means choosing a great production house. Of course, you can go to a one man band. There are thousands of them out there but remember you get what you pay for.

Going to a production company means you get someone to write the script and direct your film. You get two or three cameras to shoot your movie, professional sound, lighting and editing.

A great editor can make the difference between a fabulous video or a film that flops.

At Beattie Communications, we produced dozens of videos every year. We don’t just hand them over to the client or post them up on YouTube.

Video Marketing

We market the videos across multiple platforms.

That means editing the videos so that they are cut for whatever social platform they are to screen on.

Short and sweet for the likes of Instagram while long-form can go down well on YouTube.

The secret is slicing the splicing the video for multiple social platforms.

The film will have cost a lot to produce, so it makes sense to put serious effort into seeding it across numerous channels.

We put promotional budget behind most of the channels because we are keen to rack up as many views as possible across the social media spectrum.

That includes the likes of Facebook for B2B and B2C brands. You’d be surprised how much business a B2B company can win on Facebook.    

The secret, of course, is to produce a series of videos – not just one a year or one every five years.

For Beattie Communications, we produce an annual showreel plus a film of the week.

We scatter them across all of the social platforms that are important to us and they can be viewed in their entirety in the Beattie Film Library or the Beattie Channel on YouTube.

We not only put promotional budget behind our films, we also use our videos for remarketing purposes.

Our goal is to stay front of mind with all prospective clients so that next time they require ads, PR, content, social or digital marketing, they think of us.

Drop me an email if you need help with video making and video marketing.