There’s no room for romance in business.

Once-upon-a-time I was in love with Google Adwords – not any more.

I built the Beattie and Only brands on the back of Google Ads. The more I spent, the more I’d make.

I spent big and I made millions thanks to my ads generating valuable new sales leads each and every day.

All we had to do was convert the leads into fee-paying clients for our PR, digital, social and creative services.

We won some of the biggest brands in the world thanks to them getting in touch after seeing our ads on Google.

Year-after-year our turnover went up, our profits went up and staff bonuses went up. Everything in the garden was rosy.

The Bubble Burst

Then the bubble burst. All my rivals began running ads and the cost of clicks went up and up while the payback went down and down.

I still put a tiny little budget into Google Ads but my spend is highly targeted and I’m investing a fraction of what I did in the past.

I probably stayed in love with Google Ads much longer than I should have. I continued to invest because it had been my No1 lead generator.

As I say there is no room for romance in business and when something stops working, you’ve got to move on.

Where am I investing our marketing budget now?

Invest in Facebook

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, of course.

These are the three platforms where I’m spending the company’s hard-earned dosh.

I’m not running word ads on these three platforms – I’m running videos and, once again, the more I spend, the greater the payback.

Right now it’s cheap to advertise on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In fact it’s ridiculously cheap because my rivals have not yet wakened up to the enormous commercial payback from social media marketing.

Invest in Instagram

They’re still focussing on creating great pages on Facebook and Instagram. They think organic marketing will get them the results they crave – it won’t.

You can have the world’s best page on Facebook and you won’t get a single bit of business.

The only way to win on Facebook and Instagram is to advertise.

Let me say that again – the only way to win business on Facebook and Instagram is to advertise.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2B or B2C brand you can win business on Facebook and Instagram but you’ve got to advertise.

Invest in Youtube

You should also advertise on YouTube. You won’t win business on YouTube but you’ll build your brand.

If you’re investing time, money and effort on making videos, you’re out of your mind if you don’t support your films with some ad spend.   

So, returning to my original theme, if you’re spending big on Google Ads, review your payback. Look at the numbers. If they’re not good enough, take some of your budget and invest it in Facebook.

It will cost you less to advertise on Facebook but you’ll get a much greater payback.