Have you ever had the best hand at poker and not had the guts to go all in?

Big mistake…or was it?

A few years back, Pepsi thought they had the best hand in poker and went all in for digital marketing.

It cost them sales and market share.

When it comes to marketing, it’s sometimes not wise to put all your eggs in one basket.

I’m a firm believer that marketing should be like the Parthenon in Athens – it should be built on multiple pillars.

You might put more weight on some pillars than others. The secret is to invest your marketing budget where it gives you the biggest ROI.

Like a great recipe, your marketing should have a dollop of digital marketing, a squeeze of PR, a cupful of content, a generous helping of advertising and a pinch of direct marketing.

Your marketing should also stretch across multiple platforms including your website, social media pages and affiliate sites. The more sites you’re on the better it will be. Let me illustrate…

I have a house by the sea and I often pass groups of fishermen casting their lines into the ocean. There is always one fisherman who catches more than the others – the one working three rods at a time. 

All the others are fishing with one rod. He has three on the go, so it’s logical that he will catch three times as many fish.

It’s the same in business – the more fishing lines you’ve got in the water, the more customers you’ll catch.

So next time you’re sitting at the poker table or your head is spinning along with the roulette don’t go all in – it could cost you your shirt.