Some say that simplifying what’s complex is far from easy.

The starting point is acknowledging that the old ways are not necessarily the best ways while acknowledging that it’s easier to do what you’ve always done.

It takes thought, effort and action to be a supreme simplifier but that’s a badge everyone at Beattie is proud to wear.

We declutter, demystify and change things for the better.

Let me show you how hard it is to change something you’ve always done.

Try folding your arms. You don’t have to think about it.

Now try folding your arms the opposite way.

You will have discovered that it’s not easy working out where to place your hands and arms. You’ve got to think about it and thinking is the secret behind the concept of Supreme Simplicity©.     

It takes clarity of thought to change what you’ve always done.

It takes crystal clear thinking to make what’s complicated simple. It takes vision to work out what to throw out of any process and what to keep, change or improve.

At Beattie we’re committed to making the process of marketing, communications and indeed business so simple that a child can understand it.  

Over the years, we’ve researched it, thought about it and proved that the demystification of marketing and communications is a simple five step process.

We’ve covered it in a supremely simple guide which you can download here.

In the spirit of keeping everything simple – you don’t have to register to access the guide.

Please enjoy it, share it and use it to make your marketing and communications more effective.