Who is your biggest rival?

Every brand has one.

Who, out of all of your competitors, is the one you have a personal grudge match with?

It’s the competitor who would like to eat you for breakfast and who you would like to eat for dinner.

In the world of soft drinks, Coke’s biggest rival is Pepsi. That’s a battle that’s been raging for decades.

In the world of coffee, Starbuck’s biggest rival could soon be Coke as the soft drinks conglomerate has just snapped up Costa Coffee for almost £5 billion.

I for one would not bet against Coke winning that battle – despite Starbuck’s market dominance and the fact that Starbuck’s Columbia is my favourite coffee blend.

It may take years, decades even, but my money is on Coke to come up Trumps.

Getting back to you – how should you out-think, outmanoeuvre and out-class your biggest rival?

To do that, you’ve got to understand why customers will choose one product or service over an almost identical rival.

They do it for all sorts of reasons – expectations, memories, stories, history and relationships are all part of the recipe.

Marketing Strategy

So are price, availability, convenience, product quality, service history, marketing strategy and the viewpoint of family and friends.

What others think has a huge impact on what we think about a product and whether we’ll buy that product.

So if you want to blast your biggest rival to kingdom come, it’s vital to reach the purchaser AND the influencer.    

Swot Analysis

The battle to out-perform your biggest rival should start with a simple SWOT analysis.

Where are they stronger than you?

What are their weaknesses, their areas of vulnerability?

What opportunities can you exploit to outmanoeuvre them?

Where are you vulnerable, where can they seriously threaten your business?

You’ve got to be 100% honest, because the war will be won or lost according to the accuracy of your analysis.

With your analysis complete, you must use it to inform the strategy and the tactics you will employ to win the grudge match. 

Your Battle Plan

It has to be a detailed battle plan and you must be prepared to adjust it as your biggest rival strikes back and lashes out.

Who will win?

That’s the million dollar question.

Probably the brand with the best people and the deepest pockets.

So before cranking up the on-going war with your biggest rival, ask yourself one question – who will win.

If you’re not wholeheartedly convinced it will be you – make peace not war.

Wise generals know that there is no point in fighting battles they cannot win.

Drop me an email if you need help devising a marketing strategy to overtake your biggest rival.