If you want to drive sales – recruit an influencer to endorse your brand.

But be warned, it can be costly.  

Some personalities command fees running into the millions while you can pick up others for a few thousand but they are worth every penny as product sales go through the roof.

The bigger the star, the more you’re going to have to cough up.


If you have no budget, send chosen influencers your products. It’s amazing the payback you can get from a tub of face cream or a box of chocolates.

The sampling team at Beattie Communications regularly tours radio stations with food giveaways and we almost always end up with live broadcast endorsements. Breakfast show presenters seem to be really enthusiastic for food and drink products.

Over the years, we’ve worked with scores of influencers for client campaigns. Models like Twiggy, singers like Kylie and TV presenters like Eamonn Holmes are just three of the recent stars we’ve worked with.

The type of deal you can strike with an influencer can vary from a simple product endorsement on their Twitter feed to TV appearances, them appearing in TV and social media ads, in-store visuals, branded products and personal appearances.

It depends on how much you are willing to pay and how close an influencer wants to get to your brand.


Be warned, some influencers are a pain to work with while others are the nicest people on the planet. American musician will.i.am is a gem and so is his team.

What you need to remember is that influencers should only do what’s in keeping with their personal brand. You can’t expect an influencer to go out of character in order to promote your product or service.

That means you’ve got to choose influencers carefully. A family-safe brand is not going to do itself any favours by rubbing shoulders with a drug-crazed rock star.

Influencers have been around a long time – and having the right person on your brand’s side can work wonders for brand visibility and sales.

Back in Victorian times, there were high-profile people with the ability and profile to make or break consumer products.


Take, for example, Pope Leo XIII. He liked a little tipple, especially one laced with cocaine. Indeed, the Holy Father was so fond of Vin Mariani – wine and cocaine mix – that he gave it a Vatican gold medal and appeared in its advertising.

A Pope in advertising sounds ridiculous in 2018. But this was back in 1863 and, of course, Vin Mariani’s popularity soared.

Another fan of Vin Mariani was Queen Victoria who doled out Royal Warrants to 2000 products and services she endorsed. The Royal Coat of Arms continues to be the Holy Grail of endorsements and are likely to be for decades to come.

So if you want to build your brand identify the right influencer at the right price. If you need help drop me an email.