Brand building and sales go together like ham and eggs.

The more famous and trusted a brand becomes, the more sales a company will generate.

If you want to grow a business, there are six roles you must fill with the best available talent.

Top of the list is a team to create content for your PR, direct marketing, digital marketing, advertising and social media marketing campaigns.

Content Creation Team

The team should comprise three talented people – a journalist, a videographer and a designer.

The journalist can write news releases, text for your website, words for your adverts, scripts for your videos and copy for your blogs.

Right now there are lots of journalists looking for jobs as newspapers and magazines cut staff or close down. It should not be too difficult to recruit an experienced wordsmith without breaking the bank.

When it comes to the videographer you want someone who can shoot and edit flicks. You want an all-rounder who can take photographs and produce and edit podcasts.

Body swerve anyone who’s in it “for the art”. You’re looking for someone who can quickly turn around great videos.

You also need a designer to make everything look great.

Digital Marketer

When you’ve got your content creation team in place, the next person I’d recommend is a digital marketer to promote the content far and wide. It’s pointless having great content that no one sees.

My last two appointments would be sales focussed.  I’d recruit an outbound sales executive to generate sales leads and appointments for my final signing – a sales director to convert them.

Don’t say you can’t afford it.

If you have ambitions to grow – you need to find the money from somewhere.

With a dream content creation, content marketing and sales team in place you can build your brand, drive sales and take over the world.

Go for it!