Last week I asked – what’s your purpose in life? Why are you here? Where are you going?

I went on to outline how you can go about transforming your life by creating a personal purpose for yourself.

The same formula can be used to establish a corporate purpose for your business.

I firmly believe that every company should have a corporate purpose that it shares with its people, customers, investors and the local community.

A corporate purpose acts like a compass…it not only ensures you keep going in the right direction, it stops you from going down the wrong road.

Creating a corporate purpose for your company is an exercise you shouldn’t do on your own. It should be done with your leadership team because everyone that cares about your company, deserves a say in its future.

Unlike a personal purpose, your corporate purpose doesn’t need a one word equity. It starts with the dream.

What’s Your Dream?

What’s your dream? If you had a magic wand what would be your greatest wish for your company. Would you like it to be the biggest in your sector, the most profitable or perhaps the most admired.

The choice is yours but you need to take your time zeroing in on the single sentence that spells out what you want to achieve in the short to medium term.

Allow the debate to go to and fro. Write down the various suggestions, change them, refine them – vote on them if necessary but, when the dust settles, you will hopefully have a clear view of where you’re going as a company.

The corporate purpose for Beattie Communications is 13 words long and it encapsulates where we want to go as a business. We want – To be admired as the integrated communications agency that delivers with supreme simplicity. 

The important words for us are integrated communications and supreme simplicity. We are an integrated communications agency and we’re on a mission to debunk marketing with simple and straightforward thinking.

When you’ve put your dream down on paper, it’s time to put skin on the skeleton.

What’s Your Corporate Spirit?

Your corporate spirit is the thing to think about. What makes your company stand out from all of its competitors?

To the outside world all marketing companies look the same. We all deliver the same services in much the same way.

What differentiates Beattie Communications is the fact that no challenge is too big for us. We can move mountains, so we’ve summed up our spirit in three words – yes we can.

You may not be able to condense your spirit into three words but identify what makes you different and write it down in as few words as possible.


It’s now time to move onto what you believe in. What are the foundation stones on which your business is built? As the word Blackpool runs through a stick of rock, what blood flows through the veins of your company?

You only want to write down beliefs that are absolute. They shouldn’t be here today and gone tomorrow.

At Beattie Communications we feel like a family and play like a team with stars in every position.

We refuse to work with nasty clients so we sum it up by saying we work people we like on brands that we love.

We want to be trusted partners who bring big ideas to life with inspired implementation.

What does your company believe in? Get it down on paper.


Character is the next piece of the jigsaw.

You’ll see the words that best describe the character of Beattie Communications at the end but what are the seven to ten words that best-reflect the character of your business?


This is the part that some companies find the most difficult. It look us hours and hours to come up with a phrase that best summarised our outlook on life.

We never shirk a challenge. We believe the word impossible is just possible badly spelled. We believe that if you if you can dream it, you can do it.

Just do it was one of the contenders but we finally settled on – take the shot. The three words sum up our attitude to life.    

Here’s our corporate purpose in a slide. I hope it inspires you to work out the reason your company exists.