What’s your purpose in life? Why are you here? Where are you going?

Truly successful people know the answer to these three questions.

I have a personal purpose and so do most of the people at Beattie Communications.

When you have figured out your purpose, life takes on a whole new meaning.

If you don’t have a personal purpose, let’s go about creating one.

Your One Word Equity

Creating a one word equity is where it all begins. Your one word equity is a noun that encapsulates exactly who you are.

The one word that describes me is the dreamer. I chose it because I’m always thinking up big ideas and turning my dreams into reality.

Laurna Woods is my CEO. Her one word equity is the conductor because she conducts the orchestra of people across our four brands and 16 offices.

What’s yours?

It took me several hours to decide what word was my most appropriate descriptor. Evangelist, motivator and driver were all in the running but dreamer emerged as the most appropriate.

So take your time to figure things out. Sleep on it because you may change your mind, numerous times, like I did.

What’s Your Dream?

Putting your dream down on paper is the next step in creating a personal purpose.

My dream is to create the world’s greatest integrated communications agency and every day I work towards making that dream a reality.

Will I ever achieve that goal? Who knows but I will have endless fun striving to make my dream come true.

Laurna’s dream is to become a dynamic and inspiring business leader. I would say she’s well on her way to achieving her goal.

What’s your dream? Write it down. Keep it short. There are no prizes for long winded statements.

What’s Your Spirit?

What’s your spirit is the next big question. What gets you up in the morning? What turns you on?

Asking what if…

That’s what gets me going. What if we did this? What if we expanded into Australia? What if we recruited another big hitter into the business? Its questions like these, that get me excited.

Laurna’s spirit is – if you believe you can, you will.

It’s your turn to work out what sums up your spirit.

What’s Your Focus?

I’m a pleasure seeker. I don’t see why every day shouldn’t be a great day so it was easy for me to decide what my focus in life should be.

I summed it up in nine words – loving what I do and doing what I love.

Laurna was even more concise with her focus – always being the best.

So what’s your focus in life…making a difference…inspiring others…living life to the full?


You’ve done the hard bits. Now you’ve got to write down the eight or ten words that best-reflect your character.

You’ll see mine at the end but Laurna’s include words like inspirational, energetic, optimistic and driven.

What words best-describe your character?


You’re now in the home straight and writing down your beliefs is the final part of creating a personal purpose.

Again, you want to focus on the eight to ten beliefs that are most dear to you.

Once again, you can read mine at the end but three of Laurna’s are:

  • Continual personal development is a basic need.
  • Saying yes is easy but saying no can be just as important.
  • Team work makes the dream work.

Here’s my personal purpose in a slide. I hope it inspires you to work out your personal purpose.