How driven are you?

To be super successful in life you need to be driven, dedicated and determined.

If you’re part-time, you won’t be super successful.

To really succeed in life you need to work longer and harder than anyone else.

If you’re driven, it’s not a Ferrari you’re chasing, a bigger house or a private plane. These are the trappings of success.

If you’re super driven, the accessories are not important.

What matters is making your dream your reality.

Super successful people don’t compete with anyone else – they compete with themselves. They know in their heart of hearts that the only person worth competing with is them.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you have what it takes to be super successful? Are you hungry, desperate and dedicated enough to be super successful?      

Do you hate holidays, work weekends, burn the midnight oil, think business when watching Netflix and keep a notebook at the side of your bed?

If you can’t tick most of these boxes – forget it. You’re not dedicated enough and you’re kidding yourself if you think you are.

Sure, you can still be successful by following the herd and doing what everyone else does but you get out of life what you put into life.

Are You Willing To Sacrifice

If you want to be super successful you’ve got to sacrifice some of the things ordinary people do. If you want to be extraordinary, you’ve got to work harder and smarter.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. Super successful people are years in the making. They have to overcome disappointments, failures and ridicule on occasions.

The world sees their success and thinks they’ve been lucky. What no one sees is the work, sweat and tears that took them from where they were to where they are now.

To triumph in life, you’ve got to put your nose to the grindstone and be single minded in your pursuit of success.

All of the super successful people I know, work as hard now as they did when they started out. They don’t retire and take up gardening. They keep building and building their empires.

I well remember having a cup of tea with a Scottish entrepreneur the day he sold his company for £1bn.  

It was the year 2,000 and £1bn was an unbelievable amount of money. He turned to me and said: “I know I should be over the moon but I’m not. Normal people would now retire to a beautiful beach and enjoy the fruits of their labour. I can’t, I’m driven and I need to keep on going.”

He was back working at 7.00am the next morning, plotting his next big venture. That’s what it means to be driven, dedicated and determined.  

Are you going to follow suit?

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